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Aramis Prostate Study

Participate in ARAMIS, a study of an investigational prostate cancer medication.

Learning that there’s a chance your prostate cancer might progress can
be difficult news to hear. Just like when you were first diagnosed, there are
many fears, worries, and uncertainties that come with prostate cancer.
Fortunately, you have a lot of support from family, friends, and the medical

As you once again review your treatment options, one option to consider is
the ARAMIS study. This study is evaluating an investigational, oral prostate
cancer medication called ODM-201.

Doctors and researchers want to learn more about the safety and
effectiveness of this investigational medication when it is given to men
diagnosed with prostate cancer.

If your prostate cancer is at risk to progress, despite treatment, and it has
not already spread to other areas of your body, please click here to learn
more about this study.

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